How to Customize Identifying locators during Recording

Hello Everyone,

I’m unable to execute my web automation script which is recorded. Usually, the values for each property (ID, Name, Class Name, text) will be keep on updating except some part of partial text in the attribute value.
When I tried to record and execute the same script, execution is getting failed due to the not existence of locator (which is captured during recording)

  1. How to overcome these type of situations using Katalon Studio ?
  2. Can I update the tool’s recorded xpath ?
  3. Can I restrict the tool to create xpath using specific attribute value (ID) instead of creating xpath from different attribute values (ID, Name, Class Name, text).


"How d’you like them apples?"

When you first guided the recording tool to “pick apples”, it worked fine. You got a whole lot of perfect, shiny green apples.

When you told your robot to go out and pick more apples, it tried to pick the exact same apples as before. Problem: you already picked those apples. Your robot isn’t smart enough to pick new apples. It’s trying to pick apples that have already been picked…

I hope that analogy works for you.

In your case, you need to adapt the locators to find fresh apples. Post back your CSS/Xpath locators and someone can help you adapt them to pick any apples.

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