Id and target changes eveytime a page is refreshed

I am currently using katalon recorder to do the automation
for one website however, I realize, everytime the page is refreshed, the id and
target changes and I will be I unable to run. How may I change it?

Thank you for using our product. In this case, you can write your own CSS/XPath locators. You can use Chrome Developer Tool (F12) to look for unchanged attributes. You can also locate an element based on its siblings or nearby elements.

Point 2 and 3 i’ve tried. can you give me an example for point 1? cause i googled for CSS/Xpath but im still unable to run…

Do you have a public version that we can examine? It differs from page to page.

ah… i don’t cause it’s company’s work. that’s why i’m caught up here

Is the text of the elements unchanged? We can use XPath to locate them based on inner text.

Was a solution ever found? I am encountering the same issue.