Can Katalon Studio compare text on a WebUI with text in a Word doc?

Hi guys,
I’m looking at comparing text in a WebUI with text in Microsoft Word document.
ie, text in the WebUI (on a web tile for example) should match the text in the Design doc.
Can Katalon Studio fetch a Word doc (maybe from github or within ‘Katalon Studio\Data Files’) and compare a portion of text with what’s displayed in the WebUI?.

many thanks for any help you can give!.

I think, no hope.

Are you skilled enough to invent a solution for yourself in Groovy programming language? If yes, you can try developing it using Apache POI API which is bundled in Katalon Studio; though I do not recommend it to you.

If not, you should abandon the idea of using a Word (docx) file as data source. You should somehow convert the docx file into an Excel file (.xlsx) and reformat it so that the data is in a simple grid format.

… the text in the Design doc.

You can reorganise your design doc so that it consists of a text body in Word (docx) + appendices in table format in Excel (xlsx) sheets, can’t you? Or, you can embed an Excel sheet into a Word document, like this:

Once you moved your text fixture in Excel out of Word, then Katalon will happily fetch the data through its Data-driven testing feature.

I guess that I did not have a deep understanding your situation and why you need to do that. However, if you want we are able to do that.

  1. Open Word by Katalon Tools with File you want, use Windows keyword to gettext
  2. Store temp data in the place that you want (example temp txt file)
  3. Now, work with your web application
  4. Get data has been stored and used keyword related to WebUI to compare text

Once again, it is just the work around way if we want to try to combine both Windows and WebUI Keywords from the Katalon tool