How to close the pop up by clicking outside of it?

How to close the pop up by clicking outside of it ?


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What does the HTML of this modal widget look like?

What have you tried?

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Please add HTML code or screenshots or error logs

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Scenario is :
There is a dropdown on the Pop up but there is no close button to close the dropdown. User need to click anywhere on the pop-up to close the dropdown.

I need to write script for closing this dropdown. I am not sure how to click on the pop-up with the open list in the dropdown.

Show your HTML code or we can’t help you . It’s not hard.

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I use
WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('xxx'), x axis value, y axis value)

such as:

WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('myPage/select_ReasonNotNotifyTwo'), 90, 50)

WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('myPage/button_AddNotification'), 300, 0)

Edit: You will have to read your HTML to determine where your x value and y value should be to get outside of one object of the pop-up container or maybe of your main page.

Edit2: you might also try:

Edit3: if you want to move to the pop up, you could try:

Thanks for the reply.

I tried above solutions but my code is still not working

Then you need to tell us what the HTML looks like, and what your code actually looks like…

How many times is this going to have to be asked, before you do so?



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Hi there @himanisaxena19 ,

Just checking in to see if you have been able to resolve your issue or not.

As other members have pointed out, you still have not provide us with the neccessary info i.e. screenshot or HTML code, so it is difficult for us to provide you with the suitable suggestions and solutions.

Please help to provide us with your code (feel free to blur out any part that contain sensitive info if needed), or we will have to close this topic soon and move onto others.

Thanks, :+1:


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