How to bypass Camera Permission

I am creating a test case where I have to record a video and submit.
Now when I click on “Record” button, the “Camera permission” popup is shown to me. Is there any way i can bypass the camera permission?

I don’t see any sane reason for such test to be automated, but this is just my opinion.
That can lead to multiple infringements.

If anybody else is willing to help you … fine. However, such I think cannot be done through Selenium capabilities, and there may be a reason for it.

Good luck with this, basically you are trying to by-pass security validations implemented by various browsers/apps

Hi @waqas ,

Thank you for letting us know your concern. I cannot find any official document to support your case but try this recommendation. Another good document: Handle pop-ups, permissions, and notifications | BrowserStack Docs

@bionel brings a good point that camera permission tends to equip us with security but as @waqas mentioned, he/she would like to test recording video. I think we can bypass this permission at least he/she acknowledges camera will be granted. We should encourage people to raise their concern as well as mindfully remind them about security issue.

Thank you all!

In selenium web driver, there is already a way to bypass camera permission. it was working fine there. As I a always testing a web application where I have to automate the recordings, rerecording and more test cases. Now I am trying to do the same in katalon studio because I need to automate more test cases. but can’t find a way to bypaas these permission

I suppose this is done by setting various flags/capabilities for the web driver (I haven’t read the docs provided by Elly but everything should be there).

In Katalon, you can do the same ‘the easy way’ by using a Custom Profile, see: Set Custom Desired Capabilities | Katalon Docs
Set up Desired Capabilities for WebUI Testing | Katalon Docs

… or the hard way, write your testcases as pure selenium code. see step2 at:

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Thank you. I am new to katalon. So, it will work hopefully.

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