How take a full screenshot on Failure?

Does exist a way to take a full screenshot on Failure?

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So I assume that there’s no way to take a FULL PAGE screenshot on failure.

Yeah, that it only captures the viewport is annoying – key bit of info – the address bar – is completely missing.

Not sure, but I think there were some improvements to screen capture a few releases back. I’ll see if I can find it.

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Seems I was mistaken. Even the poorly named WebUI.takeFullScreenshot() doesn’t capture the entire screen, only the viewport of the browser.

Perhaps @kazurayam has something up his sleeve with his Visual Testing toolbag.

No, Katalon Studio does not provide a way to take a full screenshot on Failure automatically.

The screenshot taken by the “Project Settings > Execution > During-Execution Options” is NOT a full screenshot, is a screenshot of the current viewport. Full screenshot is not provided there.

I suppose that @patricio.rodriguez does NOT require the address bar in the image.

He just wants a set of viewport images concatenated to form a single large image just as the WebUI.takeFullScreenshot() keyword does. He just wants it automatically on failures, without explicitly calling the keyword.

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