Screenshot on failure doesn't work - checked in Report settings

Hi there,

I’ve run a several test suites and no screenshot is taken when test failed.
I’ve tried to find any workaround, but without success.

When I use:


it works OK, but I need to perform this action only if test failed.

Video is recorded OK.

Any ideas? I cannot find anything usefull on forums or documentation…



Which version of Katalon Studio and which Operating System are you running?

Hi Marek,

Are you still having the issue? I try to reproduce but it was failed.
And please provide more details about your issue if you still having it.


David Edmondson said:

Which version of Katalon Studio and which Operating System are you running?

Alice said:

Hi Marek,

Are you still having the issue? I try to reproduce but it was failed.
And please provide more details about your issue if you still having it.


Hi all,

I have Windows 10 Prof,

Katalon Studio - Version: 5.4.2 - Build: 1

06-19-2018 09:52:38 dop. - [START]  - Start action : setText06-19-2018 09:52:38 dop. - [INFO]   - Finding Test Object with id 'Object Repository/Login_Page/input_password'06-19-2018 09:52:38 dop. - [END]    - End action : setText06-19-2018 09:52:38 dop. - [ERROR]  - Test Cases/Login FAILED because (of) Variable 'pwda' is not defined for test case.Video recording for test case 'Test Cases/Login' . 06-19-2018 09:52:40 dop. - [END]    - End Test Case : Test Cases/Login06-19-2018 09:52:41 dop. - [END]    - End Test Suite : Test Suites/Login

Log in the comment above shows that test suite run failed…and below I’ve attached screen that video was recorded, but no screenshot…


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I am also experiencing the same issue. No screenshots are taken or saved when option “Take screenshot when execution failed” is enabled. The videos are working properly, but screenshots are not.

Using Katalon Version 5.7.0
Multiple OS - Windows 10 & Linux

Hi guys,
I didn’t see this issue here. I try to reproduce but KS work ok. You can see an image for step failed on Log Image at Report. Some details below the link:

I am still not able to find the image in the Report folder. Can you provide more specific instructions on how to retrieve/locate the image please?

Hi Charles Bosse,
Noticed the picture attach…


I have this problem too. Nothing I’ve done is working. I’m not seeing screenshots on failure, even though the option is selected. Videos work OK.
I’m not sure a Katalon Ambassador saying they don’t have the problem is really much help. I’m glad it works for them. But it still doesn’t work for us.

Hello community its a bug, but I have solved for it

Step to fix it :

1. Default true for this option screenshot on fail
2. Create new project / open existing
3. Create one sample test case
4. Drag this into test suite
5. Do fail in test case (*3) eg. WebUI.Check in text input
6. Run this test suite
7. See result in raports - no screenshot
8. Go again into Settings uncheck option screenshot fail
9. Run test suite
10. raports ? no screenshot !
11. Go again into yo options - now check again (true) option screenshot fail
12. Run test sutie
13. Work brushy brushy good
you can find png file, screenhot in pdf / html etc.

yu welcom

  • Please to check in : Folder of Katalon ( Setting when New Project First-Time )
  • Folder of Project
  • Folder of Report

We will add some logs in the next version to assist the investigation.

This issue is still there. I am using Katalon version
Katalon Studio Version: 6.1.5 Build: 3

The automatic screenshot on failures used to work in previous version, but not on this one. The project settings are correct.

Videos are working , but the screenshots are not generated for failing steps.

Please provide a fix.

HI Team,

I am using the katalon version 7.3.0. I am able to find the screenshot for failed test cases and I able to take the folder/log path of the captured screenshot. But on what basis screenshot name is generating. I am finding the captured screenshot starts with numbers and not relates to date and time stamps. Could you please suggest how this screenshot file is generating. Thanks

I also have take screenshot activated but the report shows no screenshot when failure detected. Using Katalon 7.4.

I am using Katalon Studio 7.5.5.
The option ‘take screenshot on failure’ just works on test cases failed by click object or set text…the screenshots appears in report folder. Test cases failed at verify step (eg: WebUI.verifyEqual(a,b)) will not generate screenshot.

in my case, i want to capture screen on failure at verify step, i add ‘FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE’ and put ‘WebUI.takeScreenshot(‘test/demo.png’)’ in the end of my script. it worked

verifyEqual(Number a, Number b) does not require TestObject as argument. In other words, verifyEqual() has nothing to do with browsers. It should run without opening browser at all. For example, the following 2 lines is a valid Test Case (though useless).

import com.kms.katalon.core.webui.keyword.WebUiBuiltInKeywords as WebUI
WebUI.verifyEqual(10, 999)

Here we have no browser opened background, therefore it makes sense that a failure at verifyEqual(x,y) does not take a screenshot; as it is impossible to take a screenshot without a browser being opened.

There are a few other built-in verify* keywords that do not take TestObject as argument. These will not take screenshot at failure:

If you want KS to take screenshot on Keyword failure, you should choose those keywords which take a TestObject as argument, for example verifyText(TestObject), verifyElementPresent(TestObject)

i closed this as it is inactive.