How do I store variables in S3 and access them from a KS test script?

I had a bit of a challenge presented to me. I need to store variables to be used in KS test scripts (such as e-mail addresses and passwords for logins) in S3 (for security reasons) and populate them into fields as the test script runs. Has anyone done this before? If so, I have no idea where to begin implementing something like this and could use some help. Storing them in the KS project itself is not an option (even with the built in password encryption), per the higher ups.

You can mount a S3 Bucket as a Windows Drive using some tools installed on your PC. For example, quick search showed this:

Once it is mounted, it is just a Windows drive (or a folder). You should be familiar with reading/writing files on it.

You can try using AWS SDK for Java in Katalon Studio, though there could be a lot of hurdles for you to overcome. The following post shows one of the hurdles I encountered previously.