Deploy katalon test case to AWS s3



As a POC I built a CI/CD/test automation with the following components:

  1. jenkins build server running on AWS ec2 instance hooked up to git hub

  2. automation script captured by running selenium recording and saving as java/selenium/webdriver/junit

  3. customized output of 2 deployed as a jar file in jenkins workspace in 1

when code is checked into git hub it triggers an end-to-end chain reaction: a build followed by a deploy targeting a s3 bucket in AWS acting as web site hosting followed by running the test automation from the workspace in 3 to test the application in a headless mode.

Question is does Katalon provide a way to export/deploy a test case to jenkins or some other enviroment where it can be run automatically (ie. without the developer/tester running the test command line or in katalon studio? I am not seeing it in the documentation. Is it something that we can expect in future releases?




You can ultilize AWS CLI to push Katalon project to AWS,which is Jenkins instance in this context.After the project is pushed,just trigger Katalon command directly in Jenkins to execute tests
Does it help?



Thanks for the quick reply. I took a quick look in katalon and didn’t see an easy way to export my testcase/project to a war./jar file from the katalon ide. I will need to go through the link that you sent. Unfortunately I am tied up the rest of the day. Will try to pick this up tomorrow.

Thanks again,



Here is the Katalon plugin for Jenkins: .Hope it can help too.



Finally had a chance to get back to this. I installed the plugin on jenkins and deployed the test case from katalon ide and it worked!

I will continue to explore katalon - hopefully tying it to test data generation so that we can do volume testing.

Thanks for your help!