How do I close tab in Katalong Recorder?

How do I close tab in Katalong Recorder?

Have a read through this - it might help

thanks == [error] Unknown command: WebUI.closeWindowUrl(’’) << that’s what I get when putting that into the command section of the recorder

other apps like can’t can use the following


yeah sorry i meant to delete that - use the WebUI.closeWindowIndex instead, read through the document i sent- it should make more sense





In Katalon Recorder there is the close command, which, according to the reference:

Simulates the user clicking the “close” button in the titlebar of a popup window or tab.

This very simple script opens up another window, switches to it, then closes it

open | | |
openWindow | | winID |
selectWindow | winID | |
close | | |
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Thanks – let me get this right using


in the Command bar should close the tab right?

Yes, according to my test it should. Here’s a screenshot of my test

Note that I haven’t tried it with a tab, but the reference implies that it should work OK

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