Can't create new project as Generic - no option


I am trying to create a new generic project so that I can run both Web UI and Web service API test in one test suite.

But I don’t see that Generic option when I create a new project.

I also tried manual changed the type in the .prj file to generic like below.


After that I go to test suite collect and try to change the “run with”, it doesn’t have the Web service option for me to choose.

This is different that what is shown in

Hi @wyi

You don’t need a Web Service configuration to run API test cases. You can just choose any particular browser.

Thank you. Yes, just picked a browser, I am able to run both my WebUI and API test scripts.

Hi, I’m not sure I understand the ‘solution’ as posted above.

I want to have a project where I can execute web api tests to get my software in to a good state ready to perform the actual test, rather than do lots of web ui tests to do the setup.

So how, in detail, does one create such a project?

Any help appreciated.

Note: I am now on the free version until I can get licenses approved following my evaluation during the trial period. No idea if that stops me creating such a hybrid project…