How can I structure my automation

I have learnt a lot of the basic principles of Katalon automation. My question is how do I apply this to a automation structure or architecture? My gut feel is to automate per functional area (e.g. Login. Valid credentials / invalid credentials etc) The test cases can then be run as a test suite per functional area, or the test cases (e.g. valid login) can be called from other test cases, creating a modular configuration. Along with executing per functional area, I could also create user journey flows though the web app calling existing test cases. Do you think this is the right approach? Mainly functional with some user journeys? Many thanks.

That’s pretty much how I conduct my testing and testing structure. I call them “user stories”.

My login happens before the test case starts. So every story begins with a login. The login test code resides in a class that covers all the details of the login page. The login class methods are executed from Katalon’s Test listeners.

Every page throughout the app is handled by a single class.

All page classes inherit from a chain of basepage classes.

Every dialog is a class too.

You are on the right track. Keep going!