How can I make the comments of the customKeyword to appear as javadoc / description to what the method do when I try to put it in a testcase to have it as a reference?

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If you’re happy working in Script View, you can import your classes/methods and call them directly:

login(userName, password)

You can also remove the @Keyword decorator. Its only real purpose is to make your keywords visible in the Manual View dropwdown.

You might also want to define them and import them statically:

static def login (...) {

In your test case:

import static my_package.Page_Login.*

Now, as if by magic, javadoc works. :sunglasses:

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I deletted the @Keyword anotation and made the method as static and then I imported the Page_Login class and yes. Now I am able to see the description of the method. Also I had to change all the methods to static and put all the elements as static too


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