How can I finde Dropdown list opject XPATH?

how can I finde Dropdown list XPATH?

I tried windows action recorder but it gives worning

Unable to perform action: click:


Do you try with Native Windows Recorder? Or can you share same screenshots with the Windows Recorder when recording the dropdown?

I think when I click for example on “File” appears File Dropdown list, I automaticaly switch to notepad window, and when I back manualy to katalon window, as a rule dropdown list disappears in notepad wondow. after this when I am try to click on any menu item of the list by katalon maybe katalon cann’t see that objects in notepad because it is already closed there.

Is there any way to solve this problem

Native Windows Recorder is useful, but it does not have “Application Title” which I need in my job


To capture context menu or drop down list you should use Windows Native Recorder or remote machine as I said at this post: Spy context menu for windows app

Native Windows Recorder is useful, but it does not have “Application Title” which I need in my job

Native Windows Recorder doesn’t need pre-defined Application Title because it can detect your application during the record session. What issue do you have when using Native Windows Recorder? Can you share us more details?

application shortcut has in properties / target and katalon can not see that address. that’s why comes warning:
org.openqa.selenium.SessionNotCreatedException: Unable to create a new remote session. Please check the server log for more details. Original error: Failed to locate opened application window with appId: \…
I can start with opened application only by “application title”


I need argument such as \SERVER=http://…:4000 for login , I can’t login without this argument. so how can I start “native windows recorder” with arguments ? is there any solution (I tried “bat” file but doesn’t work with “native windows recorder”)