How can I convert the input (object repository) into a variable, in order to be user later in other test cases?

Can anyone tell me how I can convert the input into a variable? At object repository section. I want to save the inputs in order to have them for other test cases and not have to write them done manually every time.
Thank you!



maybe you could store the variable in a Profile.

you then can use this variable as a GlobalVariable.
Dont forget to add the import to your Script as well.

An example:

import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(YOUR_TEST_OBJECT), GlobalVariable.eventName)


Maybe this is your solution

Forgot to tell you to choose the Profile you created on execution at the top right of the katalon window but i guess you already found that yourself.

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Thank you so much! it worked!! :heart_eyes: