Using variables from calling test case

Hello! I have such problem:
I have test case 1, where using variables of test objects and data files.


I want to use this test case logging in by different users. I did it by calling this test case in authorization test case 2, where I use variables for email and password.

After that, I made test suite by adding this authorization test case. The main problem is that this test suite don’t recognise variables from test case 1. How can I use variables from test case 1?

In your project profile, create GlobalVariables to hold the values you need, or, leave them empty like this ""

GlobalVariable.login_name = ""
GlobalVariable.password = ""

In Test Case 1, populate the GlobalVariables with the new values.

GlobalVariable.login_name = "Natalia"
GlobalVariable.password = "secret"

In Test Case 2, use them

WebUI.setText(findTestObject("path/to/login_name"), GlobalVariable.login_name)
WebUI.setText(findTestObject("path/to/password"), GlobalVariable.password)