How can be set from script which iteration should run from a data binding?

I have this situation. I use data binding. There is an Excel file where each row has an id. There are over 1000 rows.

id Value1 Value2
1 a c
2 b b
1000 x y

From the GUI Katalon it’s possible to specify data iteration: “all” or the number for of the row to run.

But from the script mode, is this possible? There are situation when I want to run only one row, not the whole suite of 1000 rows. I will use a parameter from Jenkins, this part(Jenkins-Katalon) I know how to integrate.

So, how I specify from the script mode which row to run from the data Binding?


i don’t think this is possible with the actual implementation.
however, provided the ‘scenario’s’ are fixed (e.g. you wan to run only 1st row, or row’s 10 …90 and so on) you can create a test suite for each of them and do different bindings, per needs.
for more dynamic scenarios … some heavy tweaking may be needed (e.g alter the test-suite file ‘on-the-fly’ before actual execution)

@razvan.prepelita Hi! Were you able to figure out a way to do this scenario?