Help me - callout to specialists

Java/Groovy, KS Internals, POM, Selenium, XPath

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Similar to what @Mark_Gibson and @Ibus have said, I don’t comment that frequently lately because of work, but I am happy to help when I have time.

Selenium, XPath (locators), CSS (locators), POM, Java/Groovy, DevTools.


Thanks Marek. I didn’t intend to leave you out - I couldn’t recall where your best advice belonged and was intending to lookup your most recent answers but got tired and sleep won the fight :wink:

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Yes Mate. I had you down for “headless” too - slipped my mind.

I wish Discourse had a @EveryoneElse thing to target everyone already mentioned in the thread.

What about other areas? I just threw those listed together… Am I missing anything key? Important? Relevant? I guess identifying holes is as good as identifying individuals…

That’s enough. Ask the users you’re helping.

Didn’t your mother tell you you were special? :worried:

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I wouldnt consider myself a specialist but Im pretty familiar with Katalon, I do a lot of Selenium stuff so if anyone has questions, I can offer my support just dm me like most people do

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Hey Manny. You’ve certainly provided good answers; I’ve seen them. I’ve learned from them. Your “read time” is on the low side but as long as you’re checking your notifications regularly, I’m game.

I’ll slot you in to the Selenium listing.

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@Russ_Thomas you may add also an ‘linux related’ subject … here i can provide also good advices … and i hope one day katalon will be widely supported on this platform (for the moment seems to be limited to certain most popular distributions)

also, i have certain experience with API/ webservice testing (mostly RESTfull)

LE: DB testing may be also an relevant subject. here i have some knowledge on sql (mysql and sqlite mostly) and some NoSql (mongodb, elasticsearch) altough my grandson @Mihai_Augustin_Sarat is by far better prepared on this matter (he is just lazzy, visiting this forum from time to time)


I like this post - now i know who to annoy when i dont know something :wink:

Come on H. It’s a two-way street. Claim your spot and stop being coy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wouldnt say im “specialist” in any of theses areas, but ones that i would feel most confident in helping are -

API, SQL, Katalon recorder, data driven testing, CI/CD


Uh, I think you mean Spy Web Recorder? (not the browser extension called Katalon Recorder).

Best we leave it off if you don’t even know its name? :rofl:

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Should integrations be split into subtopics - what do you guys think? And what should the sub-divisions be called? Or just add one integrations topic?

neaah … let’s keep it like this for a while. it is a large domain, indeed …


Would this be possible?


Old idea

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Thank you a lot @Russ_Thomas. Let me see if it can be done.

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Should add Studio Assist to that list :wink:

Ha. I freely admit my clairvoyant powers are a tad limited. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry for the late reply.

I think we could update this list with more recent faces, both within and without of Katalon. What I am having in mind is a voluntary-based system where people can ask to be included in said table if they are confident/well-versed in the respective subject matters.

And then we could put said table on the homepage (a globally pinned topic, maybe :thinking:) so that newcomers could refer to.

And of course, there will be quarterly shout-outs and gifts and all that good stuff for our volunteer specialists to make their efforts and contributions more worthwhile. Let me know what you think :grin: