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I have created test case same as mentioned in video , but I am getting error , is there any one who can guide me .

Would you preffer support from the comunity, or on private channels like skype, zoom and so on where you prettend you are expert?
Just asking, no offence…

what ever easy for you :slight_smile:

What I think that some people is not professional here? The knowledge I have , I always help them.
Now would you like to share the reason of these words " you pretend you are expert" ?

this is not a fighting platform

@albert.vu what do you say about this

I believe this article will be helpful for you to overcome this issue:

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Hi folks, :wave:

We would rather you not “fight” on our forum as it will most likely not going to resolve anything.

@bionel I love your “passive-agressive-ish” and sarcastic self, but that may not work in all situations. After all, we are not communicating face-to-face to things may be easily taken out of context and what not. Sooo, maybe tone it down next time, okay? :wink:

And @noor.ahmed, with the knowledge that you have, wouldn’t it better if you support others on our forum, instead of on a private channel i.e. Skype, Zoom, or even WhatsApp? There are several benefits to it as well:

  • Your advice and suggestions would get peer-reviewed and improved/corrected/revised by other (sometimes more experienced) members → This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for you to boost your knowledge and experiences with the Katalon Platform.
  • The solutions :white_check_mark: that you provide for others, or vice versa, would be visible for other members if they happen to run into similar problems. This saves us time to help them debugging, and save them the efforts of creating duplicated topics → A win-win situation, wouldn’t you agree?

One more thing, please format your topic correctly i.e. remove or replace the whole topic template with your own content before posting, and provide more context to as what you are dealing with i.e. at which specific point in the video that was causing you trouble → Imagine how tedious it would be if it was a 30-minute video :weary:

In short, always remember to Help us to Help You - as a long-time member on our forum would say. :+1:

Roger roger!

Thank you very much