Having issues with loading larger Katalon projects?

Katalon Studio Version:
KSE 8.6.0, Build 208
Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit)

I have been having issues with loading larger Katalon projects so I did some digging and found the following work-around:

When starting Katalon two ‘chromium_subp-6900.exe’ processes are started along with Katalon, (this may be a defect but not sure). When I try to open larger Katalon projects the loading can take 5+ minutes.

If one of the ‘chromium_subp-6900.exe’ processes is killed (from ‘Windows Task Manager’) large projects load in <=30 seconds.

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Hi @Dave_Evers
We are on our way to improve the performance. In the meanwhile, I want to provide a workaround as below:
Go to Katalon Studio Preferences > Katalon > Disable the following options:

  • Receive dynamic content notifications
  • Show Start Page contents

Another tips for quicker starting up with large project is by choosing Open a clean session for On next starting application

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Hi @huyen.nguyen2, thanks for posting this workaround (which works for me). I know many others have faced this same issue.

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@huyen.nguyen2 You forgot to mention that your “workaround” is only for:


My work-around may still work for unlicensed folks, so it may not hurt to give it a try.