Having all the test cases in a Suite use the same line of excel data

I’ve built a set of modular tests that I need to have run in a suite on the same row of data from an excel sheet.

Currently when I run a suite it runs all the data on one test before moving on to the next test. For example:
test A row 1
Test A row 2
Test A row 3
test B row 1

What I want is for the test suite to run all the tests on the same line of data before moving to the next line of data. Like this:
Test A row 1
Test B row 1
Test C row 1
Test A row 2
Test B row 2

Is this possible, and if it is how do I get Katalon to do so?

I Have the same problem. How to solve?

Jason and Roberta,

I think the issue is the same with another post at http://forum.katalon.com/discussion/4991/how-to-setting-test-suite-to-run-sequence#latest.

The idea is creating a a test case with all steps
- Test A row 1
- Test B row 1
- Test C row 1

And then call this test case in test suite with single data file