Google SSO login

Ever since updating to version 8.4, my scripts can no longer log into Google SSO. Upon entering the email address, I am prompted to enter the text I see. It appears Google sees Katalon as a bot. Anybody else having this problem? Version 8.4.1 still has the problem.


@rordonez Google SSO is pretty hard to bypass because its primary goal is to prevent attacks from bots, so it is supposed not to allow any automation script to avoid it. However, you can check this thread to find a workaround it.

Google is continuing efforts to make their products more and more “secure” = difficult for testing tools to cheat. As for carrying over Chrome Profiles, I have tried and failed, tried and failed … several times. I have got tired and bored. I have lost my interest in this issue already.

My last challenge was this:

Every browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge — have their own internal. The “Profile” of Chrome and Profile of Firefox woks quite differently. This project covers Chrome only. It does not cover FireFox. I haven’t checked Edge Chromium.

I have no experience of Google SSO login. I don’t know what it is. So I have no idea if my code helps @rordonez or not.

you can try to login into stackoverflow with your google credentials, as sugested here:

and after that navigate to the page you need.
no idea it that workaround still works