Unable to login to gmail account using katalon web recorder in chrome browser

I have automated tests of UI using katalon, The first step is to enter a Google account (username and password, the account does not require anything else). When I try to run them on a virtual machine in Compute Engine with chrome, After entering email and password, Google returns the following message:

“For your protection, you can’t sign in from this device. Try again later, or sign in from another device.”

I am facing this issue after chrome version got updated.

Additional notes:

I have already tried several gmail accounts and downgrading chrome driver & browser versions as well and no luck with that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Link for screenshot:

@sthamanaboina Is there any way that you can turn of secure login for this Gmail account. I don’t think updating a chrome driver & browser versions will break a login. You should also try to run this script locally.

sthamanaboina just give you more information about running test on Compute Engine from stackoverflow