Getting Katalon to show the error produces on the UI when a test case fails

I am building a bunch of test cases on katalon. One of them is an account registration test case. When I register an account that already has been registered, i get this error (as I should), though obviously in Katalon the error is “Unable to click on object ‘Object Repository/Page_Landing/a_Log In’” since it cannot go onto the next page.
Is there a way for in the Katalon Report for this failed test it can provide the error “email already exists”

I would like to do this for all my test cases in my system, where the error that appears to the user is displayed in the report.

Additionally, is there a way for the report to pull the developer console for the entire failed tests, including the errors reported just to the developer console?


How about trying to verify that text:

verifyText | "email already exists" 

Then if report shows this text, it means the same thing.