Why can't I see the errors in the Log?

I use katalon recorder 5.9.0 and test web site. While testing, I can see the erorrs on the site, but they are not shown in katalon recorder, all tests are passed. What should I do to chach errors in katalon recorder? Thanks!

Hi @mary.for.work.only,

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Based on your descriptions, we’re assuming that the “Log” tab in your Katalon Recorder didn’t report any error. But just to be sure, could you attach a screenshot of your Recorder app after running through the test again? And can you let us know which browser (and browser version) you’re using Katalon Recoder with?

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Guessing either the developer console, or the site itself (e.g. error messages it displays) is what Mary is referring to.

Not certain of a way to interact with the dev. console, but in theory, one could assert or verify if any specific errors are being displayed within the DOM (or not).

I want to see errors from the console, mainly. Is it possible?
Moreover, I don’t really understand how Katalon reacts to errors that the site throws(e.x. when I enter the wrong password I see the error near the input field, but katalon doesn’t show it)