Report: Error counter is not incremented despite the existence of errors

The counters available in the report header, is 0 despite the existence of execution errors. (see below)
Can you help me ?

@a.lyazid.ext despite the error, the test step has passed, therefore the sum of errors is 0.
can you share your test script code? most probably is due to error handling … or a bug

I fixed my bug, which is due to a delay in loading the Webelement.
Regarding the report, I understand that the Test step is passed, but it should not, since there is an error. I think it is a bug !

@Russ_Thomas the OP may have a point.
can you move this to BUG section after @a.lyazid.ext will kindly tell us also on what katalon version this issue occurred ?

if i can see those exceptions are taken from chrome … seems to me that test step - click was ok (chrome faild to do some java script) despite that exception Katalon was able to continue and execute next step in his script…
if you expect to see something after that click put any of assertion functions after it to see if test was executed correctly…

that was my thought too initially … but is still an error, not a failure, which seems to be not collected at the general report level


  1. The error is detected (it’s in red)
  2. The tally is ignoring it.

== bug.



What version of Katalon are you using?

If not 7.x, please upgrade and let us know if that fixes it.

This the version of Katalon Studio that im using :


This is the version of Katalon that im using : 7.1.0

Did you manage to correct this Bug?, i keep encountering the same problem on other test cases.

If you haven’t upgraded to a newer release, you will see the same issue. Try the latest release: Releases · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub


ok, Thank you for this feedback. I will upgrade Katalon, and keep you informed of the test result.

Test Ok, with the last version of Katalon Studio : 7.2.3

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Excellent. Thanks for reporting back.

(Notifying @devalex88 @ThanhTo )