Getting "Error executing adbExec" error while running through mobile spy

Getting “Error executing adbExec” error while running through mobile spy.
While i am trying to perform testing using mobile spy i am getting this error i have tried almost everything but it didnt worked for me.
Can anyone pls help me ?


Hi Farhan,

Can you confirm which version of Appium you’re using? Katalon Studio only supports up to Appium 1.8.1 right now, so if you’re using something higher, can you downgrade and try again?

- Chris

Hi Chris,

I’m facing the same issue and running on Appium v1.8.1

Kindly help here.


Hi Jo,
i’m using Appium not facing this issue. Try to downgrade your appium lower. easier if you use npm install -g appium@ or via this link

Thank you Yuono,

but I think the issue was due to my appium, I notice the following when I start my appium

Anyone encounter the same, kindly assist