Get html page objects via script

Hello, is there any way to get html data as an objects ? I mean, for example, is there any way to avoid capturing objects via Spy Web and get data from html as an objects and then perform some actions over them ?

Yes you can create object manually also without Object Spy.
Go to Object Repository> rightclick(create new Test Object)> give name of that test object> select Add property> in property name, search xpath > in value, give xpath value> check detect object by.

Full Article in below link

No, I mean different. I saw things called Web scrapper.

If it is possible to get every div, h1, h2 elements via script as an object.

EDIT: Well I have seen i.e. Tosca is the automation tool, in it that software takes a screenshot of the web page and captures any object. Is this possible from katalon so somehow via script it could capture all objects on the web.