Get name/link of generated .har during a scenario

Hi everyone ! I hope you are fine today !

I would like to add har files (from API request) or at least the har name into the report (cucumber).
There is already great snipset of code :

@After public void actionAfterFailedScenario(final Scenario scenario) { 
   if (scenario.isFailed()) { 
      String errorMessage = ".har name"; 
      errorMessage = errorMessage.concat("<a href=\"http://i_am_a_link\">link to the har</a>"); 
      scenario.write(errorMessage); scenario.embed(errorMessage.getBytes(), "text/html"); 
//Taken from :

But I’m not able to find such properties, I there a way to acces it ? something like


Please let me know if you ahve an idea or a workaround :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !

Any idea ? Actually names of files .har are not madatory, something to acces the API call either API reply during a scenario would be better !

Nothing at all ? Even clues on how to manipulate those API requests for a providing a nice repporting ?
The idea is to add in attachement (inside the hook) some files links for an easier acces of log when an Error occur

I found a way …
In a few word it provides in a global variable the jenkins url + creates a file in correct place + adds correct link in the repport.

Feel free to send a message if you need help too.