Forum bug with analysis

The Bug

Take a look at the following images:

(1) In image 1, you’ll see that the timeline slider is overlayed on posts at the left margin (that’s the bug)

(2) In image 2, you can see the timeline slider is positioned where it should be, off to the right.

(3) Here is a zoomed/highlighted copy of the bug:


The Cause

The hosting <div> element with class container posts has the following CSS class definition:

.container.posts {
	display: grid;
	grid-template-areas: "posts timeline";
	grid-template-columns: auto auto;
	margin-bottom: var(--below-topic-margin);

Which looks fine. But, under some circumstance, something (probably JavaScript code) adds an inline style to that div, completely destroying the display properties:


That display:block overrides the display:grid setting which breaks the rendering of the timeline.


To Reproduce

For me, at least, this usually happens when I make a post. After hitting submit, the page is rerendered to show my post and the timeline moves over to the left on top of the posts. Inspecting the DOM shows the addition of display:block; to the <div> mentioned above.

This behavior has been present ever since the initial redesign of the forum. Today I decided to take a look and figure out the cause.

Hi Russ,

Thank you for letting us know about this UI glitch.

I have forwarded this issue to the Discourse team, we will keep you posted if they need any other information. :+1:

Hi there Russ,

Sorry for my late reply.

The Discourse team has asked if you could provide us with some of the info below…

  • The browser and version that you are using
  • Your device and model
  • Whether you could produce this issue in safe mode? (I’ll send you the link to our forum’s safe mode later).

Many thanks! :+1:

What is completely confounding is, it hasn’t happened since I made the report (typical !!!) :roll_eyes: And like I said before, it doesn’t happen all the time so without it being 100% repeatable, I can’t easily provide more info, safe mode or not.

Firefox latest.
Dell Win10 Pro

FYI, safe mode doesn’t do anything and doesn’t disable anything. I have lots of plugins and bells and whistles (Some specific to the forum) and they’re all working.

And you can see, my tampermonkey script is running (hiding the popular posts thing at the top).

Maybe the system is “learning” :rofl:

jokes aside, I will forward your responses to the folks at Discouse and see if they can pinpoint exactly what would cause the issue.

Thanks & have a nice weekend!