Format for using data in Excel spreadsheet


Any quick recommendations on format on how i can reference “user 1” in my script so i can run my script multiple times with different login and later with different values/permissions etc…

was using this format:
selenium.type(“id=Username”, “Tina”)

what would the format be? to reference “user1” from datasheet? I am not using object repository…thx !

i created a data file ( see below)

Sorry Tina, I never use Excel or DD testing.

Try these…

Finally, trawl through this lot (Ctrl-F “data”) and see if the links that fail actually do have pages - when they moved the docs from the old system to the new, they missed a few.

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For DDT, you have to use variables, then bind the data with your file on test suite.
If you want use this datasheet on TC, use

selenium.type("id=Username", findTestData('your-testData-path').getValue(1,1))

Thank you so much for your response! That works!

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