For Loops: Cannot see detailed steps for For loop (maybe If statements too?) in Test Suite Report

Caveat: still learning Katalon, so maybe this is not a bug, but only my newbieness. Please take a look at the attached for reference.

When I ran my TestSuite1, the For loop in the Excel file does not show the detailed steps within. Is there a setting somewhere that I am not aware of, that allows me to enable the reporting of the detailed steps of For loops and/or If statements? (what if I have nested For loops? What is reasonable (how many nested levels) to show in the report?)


ForLoop - Details missing from Report.png

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You can view the for loop steps in Log Viewer (bottom of the main Katalon screen).

The html report also shows them.

Thanks Mate - but I would have preferred the excel files to show the steps, after all, as you observed, the HTML report shows them… This lack of detail in the Excel files, currently, makes for more work for the tester and/or client (UAT), and defeats some of the automation that would otherwise be gained… It is unfortunate, and I hope the development at Katalon will seriously consider fixing this… Afterall, data driven automation is a clear feature of the studio and should not falter in the reporting aspect of it (at minimum, I would recommend one level deep of a loop to show the details). I remain hopeful this will be remedied - Cheers.


@Jon Smith

You should post this as an improvement/feature suggestion.

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