Using a for loop in test case, needing to run through test suite before loop goes to next index

I am in the need of support, my goal is to run through a test suite. In my first test case I have a for loop which is grabbing external excel spreadsheet.The problem I am encountering is the first test suite runs with the for loop and it doesn’t cycle through the rest of the test cases before grabbing the next index. How do I overcome this problem? TIA!

Unfortunately that currently is per Katalon’s current design.
DataDriven loop is on TestCase level only and unfortunately not (yet) on TestSuite level.

Look at for a temporary workaround solution, and dont forget to UPVOTE the original message for the request of having a DataDriven loop on TestSuite level.

I think you need to do it manually for each test case.
If it takes a long time to grab the excel page, you can set delays.

Hello Larisa,
you need to change structure.
Create MasterTC (MTC) where you open excel file. This MTC will be responsible for cycling thru excel rows and will call all SubTC that are now defined in TS. In TS you will call only MTC instead of all SubTC.