List of things that TestOps needs improving

Please Katalon will you improve this steaming hot pile of garbage that is test ops?

  1. It is a royal pain to navigate, there is no intuitiveness to it at all.
  2. The tables. Please fix. All the tables have different layouts, pagination at the top or the bottom, on the right or left. So confusing and annoying.
  3. More about tables. Why oh why do some of the tables that have an input box on the left side, scroll you to the top of the table when you click the input? This is ridiculous when you have to click dozens of inputs for different test results.
  4. Why is there no easy way to link test results to a release? Instead you have to randomly click on several different links, tables, views, and finally see a dropdown with ‘Link to release’. And why is there no option to link multiple tests from a table to a release? Why must it be done one by one? Click test, click Link to Release in a drop down on the next page, click back, and do it all over again. I had one testing session with over 100 tests that did not link to the release automatically. I had to manually link each one.
  5. When making changes to a test result, why must the entire test suite be changed? Why can’t a single test case in a test suite be changed? So to remove one test you must remove the entire test suite and run the entire test suite again.

Again, please work on some of these and other issues that have been posted. All it seems is we get AI updates now, which again are another pile of hot garbage for anything more than a simple blog site.



Thank you for your feedback. I will transfer it to our team and we will evaluate each issue with the priority. Thank you!


Could you elaborate more on the number 5? @jalarie

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Hi there Jamie,

We will be renaming your topic and move it to Feature Requests as some of the points raised in your first post would serve as great insights for our TestOps team.


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This happens when trying to remove a test case that is ran in a test suite. For any number of reasons, say the test case was not supposed to be ran in the suite, but the input icon in the test suite for that test case got clicked and it ran. Also, it is much easier to disable test cases this way then to remove them from the test suite altogether. If we remove a test case, and put it back, it often times has to be moved back into the correct position. And with folders that have lots and lots of test cases, even opening the folder when adding a test case to a test suite can take some time.

As to why this we disable tests quite often, often times in a build we will test certain workflows, disabling the tests we do not need (and which may be in need of updating). Sometimes it is hard to see when you click or unlick the test case with the blue highlight on the row that is the same color as the checkbox check.

And if the test case that wasn’t supposed to ran fails, that would fail the test suite, and report it as failed, even if everything else passed. There is no way (at least that I have found) to remove that individual test case from the report, instead you must delete the test suite or unlink it from the release, and then run again the entire test suite.