First... Thank you! Second... user extensions?

Thank you so much for developing a successor to Selenium IDE. An effective record/playback tool is so needed to quickly assemble tests.

Are there plans to develop equivalent user-extensions.js capabilities for the Katalon extensions?

Do you have any ahead plan with using user-extension.js?

Hmmm… not totally sure what you’re asking. If you mean what am I looking to do with user-extension.js type functionality, it would be to port some of the scripts I already have from Selenium IDE.

So being able to continue using things like sideflow ( to handle looping within the tool and so forth.

Would be awesome to see support for user extensions!

I have my old selenium IDE tests where user-extension.js is needed. How can i achieve that with new katalon recorder? Rollup selenese command is supported by katalon recorder but cannot be useful without user-extension.js upload. Please guide me on this.

Maybe they can introduce something simular like Selenium IDE is going to offer in their new IDE. Maybe they could even inplement Selenium IDE extension support into KAR?

katalon automation recorder support team please respond for this user-extension.js upload feature . We want this for old our tests to be executed. Please include this for your next release.

Hi all,

User extension has been mentioned in the team discussion. I will bring up this request again for consideration.

Thank you for supporting KAR,


Starting from version 3.4.0, Katalon Recorder provides a plugin mechanism for people to extend its capabilities.