Loops in Katalon Automation Recorder

Dear sir/madam,

I would like to make a suggestion for next version of Katalon Automation Recorder - please, make it support loop commands - as Selenium IDE plug flow control did. That would be perfect. Thank you. Thanks for such an amazing tool.

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Yes this is a must have. I vote for it too!
Imagine you want to delete several items from a list in a grid - it does not work without loop commands.
How about also import script functionality?
I would like to be able to write my own scripts and play them directly from the Automation Recorder menu - or some similar menu.

Hi guys,
I’d recommend using Katalon Studio - Free Web, Mobile, and API Test Automation Tool for loops condition and advance testing need with hundreds of advanced keywords, test management, cross-browsers execution using external test data and reports. **All features
I will log loop commands request in the development queue for consideration.

@“Alexander Mihailov”: Katalon Automation Recorder (KAR) allows users to import Selenium IDE test cases and play directly from KAR. Refer to the screenshot below:

As for importing and writing scripts directly in KAR feature, it will be logged for discussion and consideration for future release.

Thank you guys for using KAR and suggesting to make the tool better,

2017-12-18 10_31_39-Katalon Automation Recorder.png

Hello Guys!
Our team also use this great tool, but we really need to have the loop commands, because the old scripts from Selenium IDE is not working in Katalon Recorder with loop commands. We will be very grateful if you can make it happen for all users moved from Selenium IDE to Katalon.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Anna,

Thank you for using Katalon Recorder. Loops command request has been placed in the queue for discussion. I will update once I have something to share.

Let us know if you have other issues. Katalon team is happy to help!


Any idea if and when the loop feature will be realised in Katalon Recorder (plugin for Firefox). We are looking for a Selenium IDE replacement and loop functionality is a must have for us.

Also like the option with the ability to read a csv.

I am looking for a replacement for iMacros (also a Firefox/Chrome plugin) and have started using Katalon Automation Recorder for this, however one of the reasons why iMacros was initially so superior to Selenium IDE was that it had built in support for CSV reading and writing and support for looping (no plugin required).

As I frequently do data driven testing I need this functionality present to be able to do this. I don’t wish to have to use the Studio version just to do this, when now both Selenium IDE and iMacros already can do this with their browser based plug-ins.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your feedback. We’ve released version 3.3.0 with these improvements:

  • Improved performance
  • Added XML formatter
  • Supported loading variables from CSV file
  • Added if…elseIf…else…endIf statements
  • Added while…endWhile statements

We are updating the documentation to reflect these changes. In the meantime, you can check the usage at https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-recorder-samples.

How can i see what version the Recorder in my Firefox is?

How can i open the example html in Katalon Recorder?

Hi Patrick,

You can see the current version in the title bar. Also, both Firefox and Chrome update their add-ons automatically.

To open the example, please click on the “Folder” icon (which is located between the “Test Suites” label and the “Plus” icon.

Thanks guys for the amezing work on the recorder! Will have a look over the weekend and start using the features.

Can somebody help me understand why this does not seem to work (I’m sure I’m missing something obvious)

open | https://katalon-test.s3.amazonaws.com/demo-aut/dist/html/form.html |

click | id=first-name |

type | id=first-name | Alex

storeEval | myCheck = this.browserbot.findElement(“id=first-name”).value==‘Alex’; | pagevalue

echo | ${pagevalue} |

while | ${pagevalue}==true |

echo | | you are stuck here

storeEval | myCheck = this.browserbot.findElement(“id=first-name”).value==‘Alex’; | pagevalue

endWhile | |

echo | | you are done

basically I’m trying to check the value of the input field, if it matches the text Alex I’m expecting to get stuck in a loop (which seems to work). But if I change Alex to Alex1 I get an Unexpected token { message;

Input field value is set to Alex, this seems to kind of work, I get stuck in a loop

[info] Executing: | type | id=first-name | Alex |

[info] Executing: | storeEval | myCheck = this.browserbot.findElement(“id=first-name”).value==‘Alex’; | pagevalue |

[info] Executing: | echo | ${pagevalue} | |

[info] echo: true

[info] Executing: | while | ${pagevalue}==true | |
…stuck in the loop at this point

Input field value is set to something other than Alex (Alex1), I get an unexpected token error

[info] Executing: | storeEval | myCheck = this.browserbot.findElement(“id=first-name”).value==‘Alex’; | pagevalue |

[info] Executing: | echo | ${pagevalue} | |

[info] echo: ${pagevalue} - This isn’t evaluating to false for some reason???

[info] Executing: | while | ${pagevalue}==true | |

[error] SyntaxError: Unexpected token {

Help is greatly appreciated, I may post this in a separate thread, I’m not sure anybody will see this here, please delete if this is bad of me.

Hi Steven,

The “while” command accepts a JavaScript expression. So please try “while | pagevalue==true |”.

Also "myCheck = " at line “myCheck = this.browserbot.findElement(“id=first-name”).value==‘Alex’;” should be unnecessary.

Hey Alex thank you so much for responding. I think I finally have a solution working; I still encountered some strange issues when trying to evaluate the text in the input field as true/false; so I switched it up and just did a straight text comparison while myvariable == ‘Alex’ … during the while loop I can change the value of the input field and re-evaluate myvarialbe as a string value and this seems to work; for whatever reason if I did this while checking for true/false values whenever the text changed my variable would always become undefined and the script would fail. Anyway a lot of typing here that isn’t necessary, but your suggestions definitely have helped me out and I greatly appreciate it!


oops, ignore that image I attached, that was unintentional

Thank you, Steven.

Everyone, I will close this discussion. If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to start a new one. Thank you all for your valuable feedback.