Firefox test inconsistent

I mostly make my test on Chrome, but having test working on differents browser is important for my application.
Test on Chrome work flawlessly and test on IE works too but they are very slow to run.
However, test on Firefox doesn’t work 90% of the time. On the same test, a step will pass but isn’t executed by the driver. The object is located, I have a Waitforelementisvisible() on it but the driver just do nothing. I can test right after and it works. I feel like there’s something wrong about some Firefox setting or the driver.
Anyone had a similar problem before ?


I had issues with Firefox and I added delay to mitigate those issues rather than using Waitforelementisvisible()

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I added 5 sec delay between each actions and it doesn’t work.

Oh then you might have a different issue from what I am understanding. Its best if you can elaborate and post your code also so that someone else can also look at issue and give there feedback.