Firefox browser is too slow and Cannot finished the test case execution it just wait

1.While doing Web Testing on Firefox browser. the browser is too slow.
2. Same script is running fine and fast in google Chrome and Edge chromium
3. Having this issue since 2-3 month.
4. Yes, katalon have Smart wait but it wait couple of minute but doesn’t make the script Fail.
5. It’s on window 10, katalon version is always up to date, Firefox browser is up to date, Firefox driver is up to date, No Extension add in firefox, cache is all Clear. still Slow
6. Not only me my Whole depart have same issue.

Based on the supplied information, I can’t tell you what is wrong.

Based on my experience with Katalon testing in Firefox/geckodriver, it works fine.

What does that mean? How many people?

Did you see any error messages in the logs? (Menu: Help > Error Log)

Do you see any errors/warnings in the Firefox browser console?

First, the devs will need to understand what is broken.

HI katalon teams,
as i noticed in Automating in Firefox browser.
When i used this function Firefox browser is slow and wait for more than 2 min and
it doesn’t fail the test Script so that i cannot able to provide you a log.
WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(‘path/txt_zip5d’), Keys.chord(Keys.TAB))
==> gives the chinese letter in the Textbox
==>this make script slows down for more than 1-2 min for every step.

WebUI.scrollToElement(findTestObject(‘path/lbl_WorkOrderId’), 3)
==> this make script slows down for more than 1-2 min for every step and it doesn’t fail the script
and currently there is 2 automation person in my team and