Filter Slack notification by user triggering test

We currently have TestOps integrated with slack so that after each run it sends a notification with the results, however as we increase the amount of testing we’re doing, it’s becoming a bit like spam, especially with the local development test runs that are being done in addition to ones in our CI/CD pipeline.

Is it possible to filter the slack notification in any way? such as by which user triggered the test?

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Hi @travis.perkins, thank you for sharing with us this and welcome to Katalon Community. This feature are not currently supported for our Freemium products. Could you confirm your purchase with us so I can connect you with the dedicated team for this request?

Thank you and hope this helps!

Good morning! @vu.tran we have Katalon Studio enterprise licenses, but using the free version of TestOps.
If we paid for TestOps we would be able to filter the slack notifications?


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Hi @travis.perkins, thank you for your reply. In this case, please share your request via our support portal here. Our Customer Support team will log the request accordingly.

Thank you.