Feature Request: Video Recording during execution for Mobile Apps

Please can I request that the Project Setting ‘Record video during execution’ option is made available for mobile apps in addition to desktop browsers?


At the moment, in order to achieve this, I have to install a third-party application on both desktop and mobile (e.g. LetsView, which crashes regularly on my setup) to view the mobile device screen, then use an app like ‘Stick-it!’ which ‘pins’ the screen viewing app on top of the Katalon Studio, meaning that it gets recorded in the video. This is cumbersome and unreliable.

I realise this may not be straightforward (I’m assuming…otherwise I’m guessing you’d have implemented this already) but seeing videos of failed test cases is enormously useful when investigating test failures.

Without this feature, I can still continue my job, but it would boost performance significantly (when investigating test failures).

Hi @Kevin_McAndrew,
In fact, we have opened an issue at https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalon-studio/issues/245 for this feature request. We will consider about it, and update the status accordingly in the Github issue should there be any changes. However, please be noted that this may not be implemented in the near future, as we still have many other tasks with higher priority in our backlog.

Hi @huynguyen

Thanks for acknowledging the feature request, much appreciated, and I appreciate you will have many other priority items to address. I think this would be a really useful feature that would appeal to many users, but I appreciate it may not be that straightforward too.

Many thanks,

Hi @huynguyen,

Is there any way you’re able to push the priority on this please?

It’s incredibly useful with web testing to see what’s going on, but when I run a mobile test, all I get to see recorded is the Katalon UI, which is obviously not often that helpful.

As a side note, does anyone have any suggestions for a reliable video recording app/workaround for mobile?


Please can someone provide an update for this.

I’m currently employing a manual workaround, essentially using a series of ‘adb shell screenrecord’ commands to capture 3 minute (maximum) segments of video onto the device, then using ‘adb pull’ commands to get the files onto the connected machine, but this is cumbersome, not least as it has to be initiated from a batch file that runs concurrently with the tests themselves.

Thank you.