Recording through a native app (audio + video files)


Hoping someone will be able to help me with a project.

I am in the process of doing testing on a custom built app that allows Android and iOS users to create miniature video & audio diaries through an app and allow these to be posted online.

I have set the test suite up and ran my tests. First attempting a basic test of opening the app, using the in-app record button to allow access to the microphone and video and then recording this message ready to upload.

My tests appeared to all going very smoothly until it tries to use the in-app record button to access these features. I then get an error and my tests stop as a fail (at the open mic/camera command). I have attempted to do this also through the browser version (desktop website) and again, it will not allow access to my laptop’s microphone or camera through Katalon recorder.

Am I missing a command or something to get this to work? Or is it not feasible to allow access for some sort of security reasons?

Would appreciate any assistance regarding this!


What is the error from your side? I would like to know about it.

I have completely lost my error and due to other changes happening to the app. If possible I am just looking for some answers regarding feasibility (Can Katalon identify these video/audio elements within the app and successful replicate them?)

I will outline how the app works below and if possible could anyone provide a guess on the missing command I would need to experiment with?:

  1. User clicks “Send new message”
  2. Pop up opens with 3 buttons (video, audio, text)
  3. User clicks video
  4. Using device camera and microphone, the user clicks “record” to start the message diary.
  5. Once the user has finished (testing for 10 second messages) the user clicks “stop”
  6. User clicks next to send video

Running through my scripts, I believe there may be a command I need to add between steps 4 and 5 as Katalon does not give the app time to record a message. I have been experimenting with wait/pause commands but none seem to be doing the trick!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I will post my previous error message once the app comes back online!

Vinh Nguyen said:

What is the error from your side? I would like to know about it.

[INFO] Executing: type | xpath=(//input[@name=‘Title’])[2] | test

[ERROR] Element is not currently interactable and may not be manipulated

[FAILED] Test case “Untitled Test Case” failed