Recording Test Suite execution on Mobile


Will there be a possibility to record our automatic test run on Mobile?
It is useful to see what happened when it has failed.



Not sure what you’re asking here?

In Chrome you could probably use the device toggle toolbar and record the mobile/responsive version of the web application and then execute play this test suite/cases? When steps fails you will get a screenshot of failure on that viewport?

This will probably also work in Firefox but not tested it yet.

I am running my tests on Mobile emulator and real device, I was looking for a video recorder to record what happens on the mobile.
Kobiton has this function already, but it would be great to have it in Katalon also

Well my guess is you’re in the wrong forum you probably use **Katalon Studio **instead of the Katalon Recorder.

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Yes I am using Katalon Studio, sorry…
Could you please move this topic to Katalon Studio forum?

To continue discussion, the are some endpoints on appium client to perform this kind of operation