Fake data library needed

Hi everyone!
I need help with find a good fake data generator library such as Faker. The problem is that I can’t find good working library. I tried to use javafaker library, by import .jar file to project, but it is not working. Someone have the better idea how to generate fake test data?

Hi Lukas,

I’ve downloaded faker .jar file directly from here and import it into Katalon Studio project, used its sample code and it works properly. Here is the link to it
(v0.14): http://central.maven.org/maven2/com/github/javafaker/javafaker/0.14/javafaker-0.14.jar

import com.github.javafaker.Faker
Faker faker = new Faker();
String name = faker.name().fullName(); // Miss Samanta Schmidt
String firstName = faker.name().firstName(); // Emory
String lastName = faker.name().lastName(); // Barton
String streetAddress = faker.address().streetAddress(); // 60018 Sawayn Brooks Suite 449
println name

You should double check and try again. If possible please provide me the error message in case it still does not work for you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 18.32.46.png

Hi Vinh!
Thanks for your help! It works! The Library that I used before was probably broken.