Failure screenshot attachment to JIRA ticket instead of attaching complete report folder

Currently, when a test suite is executed, the complete log file is attached to all JIRA ticket.
Is it possible to upload only the screenshot of the failed test case

I have 3 test case

  1. Test case 1
  2. Test case 2
  3. Test case 3

In the current execution, Test case 2 and Test case 3 are failed and their screenshot are captured IMage 2 and Image 3 respectively.

I was expecting that Image 2 is uploaded in JIRA test case 2 and Image 3 is uploaded in JIRA test case 3.
Currently, entire report folder is uploaded to all 3 JIRA tickets in zip format.

I would also like this functionality. It seems that what is being asked for (only screenshot upload) is possible to configure. However the feature doesn’t work. Any help would be great!