How to have Screenshots get attached to Reports

Katalon is showing the reports for every suite and also shows the screenshots while failure is occuring.
Is there any option where the failed screenshots can get attached to those reports??

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what do you mean by “failed screenshots”?

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To my notice, there is no option to have the actual pictures inserted into the reports, however, the picture reference number(s) is/are in the report where the failed screenshot happened. You can always bloat the report documents by inserting the associated pictures yourself if you are sending them out, but to us, it is the words of the report telling what the error is rather than the picture that is more telling (the exception is with “verifyElementNotVisible()” or “verifyElementVisible()”–the picture tells us why that statement failed).

Here is some more info:

View test suite and test suite collection reports in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

what you might do is use the associated picture reference filename that is within the report and create a link using a premade pathway and insert that into your report.