Failed to load chrome extension error

Our Company shares a similar fate.

@saikrupa_s I observed the folder “[user path]\AppData\Local\Temp” parallel to the execution of the test. The “scoped_dir12345_0123456789” folder will be generated almost the same as opening the browser window (or the error-dialog).
When the execution is finished the folder will be deleted.
You could stop the execution with an click on the Button “stop” while it was running which causes the folder to persist.

We wrote an bug-ticket on Github:

Current Result: Katalon Studio v7.4.0 can’t execute chrome extensions in Google Chrome v83, when there is an active whitelist. You need to wait for an newer Version which supports it.

Cause: chrome extensions are loaded local from a folder (unpacked).
In comparison the Firefox extension is working (packed and signed).

I would recommend to leave this thread as it is and write an comment on the bug-ticket above too.
That should increase the significance of this error better an should lead to an accelerated resolution.

Still getting the below error:

Is there another suggestion that will help resolve this issue?

Any luck for this issue?

Per the latest post above by rudolf.geist, see the bug ticket on Github for responses on this issue:

Hey guys,

this helped me. Is is a security issue of administrated environments. Should be discussed with IT-Team.

Per the latest post at, a fix is available in KSE 7.6.4

Thank you and yes I see it in the Chrome Store (link below), but how do i download the actual executable file and use it to install on a windows machine on a closed network, i need the actual executable/install file because my other machine does not have access to the internet - appreciate any help you can provide, thanks
Katalon Record Utility - Chrome Web Store (

Hi everyone,

The issue of loading unpacked extensions on Spy, Record, Smart Wait features is currently resolved by Katalon Compact Utility.
Please find its information here:

Thank you all for your attention,
Nam Nguyen.