Extra dollar sign ($) appears in dollar field in data file

Steps leading to issue:

Ensure that I have an excel file available with the dollar fields.
Go to Katalon Studio, and right click on New->Test Data
Enter a name for the test data file
Click on Browse and select the Excel file name


It was noticed that there was an extra dollar sign was shown in the test data file. E.g. the value from the excel sheet $500 is represented as $$500 in the test data file. Please see screenshots attached. How do I overcome this issue?

dollarsign dollarsign2

I notice you have dollar sign and comma formatting in the Excel spreadsheet. Have you cleared with your Web Developers that this formatted entry will be acceptable to your dollar fields? Often, the dollar display is done via the web page, not on data entry. In other words, don’t have Excel display the formatting, just the numbers and the period.

Okay let me clarify. I am actually talking about the test data file I use for testing. I am using an excel file that has the dollar figures as $500 for example, however, when I add the excel file as a test data file in Katalon Studio, it seems as if Katalon studio changes the dollar figures to [$$]500.

Yes, I understood what you believe is a concern, however, is the formatted data that you are trying to use able to be used in your testing? Or are you creating a concern over something that isn’t?
Again, will your browser fields take formatted dollar input? I don’t think they will. Copy one of your dollar values from Excel and paste it into your browser field. Does the value stay or are you given a “warning”. If you get a warning, remove the formatting from Excel and see what happens.

I am actually not using the dollar values for input. The scenario I am testing is comparing data from a table on the website and ensuring that when the user exports it to excel (from the table), the values match up. Hence, I am actually using these dollar values in the excel file, to compare it against the values in the table on the website. I actually tried running it, and the test failed because of the added [$$] (please see attached)

Okay. Then go to your Excel and reformat your data so it keeps the comma, but removes the dollar sign (set Symbol to None). KS should add the dollar sign in comparison.