Data File value shows as '#VALUE!' after KS7 Update

I have a data file, linked to an Excel worksheet, which has been used for some time without issues.

Following the Katalon Studio 7 update (we upgraded from 6.3.3 to 7.0.3 and since to 7.0.5), a timestamp value in my data sheet shows as ‘#VALUE!’, presumably an error in displaying the value from Excel.

Within my Excel data sheet, I have a ‘Timestamp2’ column (N) that uses the following formula, which joins a date value from one cell, with a ‘T’ value and a timestamp from another cell:


Additionally, I have a ‘Timestamp’ column (G) which looks to the value from column N, e.g. ‘=N2’.

Other formulas continue to work fine, but presumably changes within Katalon have affected the ability to utilise the ‘TEXT’ formula. I have attached an image for reference, but can this please be investigated?

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Hi @Daniel_Wilkinson

We only updated the POI library recently. Can you share the Excel file ? If you create a new project and a new Test Data with that Excel file then does the problem still persist ?

Thanks for the feedback. Can I share the Excel file via email rather than through the forum?

I have tried to create a new project via Katalon (File > New > Project) although there is no response when doing this. I am not sure if this is a known issue?

I messaged you my email for the Excel file.

Regarding the Project, please post the log file under Help > Error Log when it happens.

hi @ThanhTo,

I have same issue, the cell value is shown as #VALUE! in the data file which import excel data. please do let me know if their is solution.

Katalon Studio version used : 7.4.0



Does the value also appear as #VALUE when used in your tests ?

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@ThanhTo, The cell ‘A’ which shows as #VALUE! is not used in my test cases but the other cell ‘B’ which refers cell ‘A’ for its value is empty in data file with excel import.

Cell ‘A’ marked in red & cell ‘B’ is marked in blue in below screen shot.

Thank you in Advance!


Sorry for the late response.

Can you provide the excel file to reproduce ? You can PM me privately if you don’t want to publicly reveal the data.

Hi @bttestmobil

I can reproduce this. We will investigate this issue and let you know. In the mean time, I have added an issue for ease of tracking.

Thank you for your report !

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Hi @ThanhTo

Thank you so much for taking this issue to fix. Meanwhile we are also trying to find workaround for this issue.

Hopefully we will get the fix soon in new version of Katalon Studio.