Export Test Case as Excel / CSV / XML?!

I often need to hand out test specification to my customers, so that they can see what tests will be performed autmatically.

Those customers usually don’t have a AUT solution installed on their system, and by default they need a printed version of the test specification (or at least a pdf of it).

In Katalon Studio I can switch between Script- and Manual-Mode, so I guess you are parsing the script to fill the grid that displays the test case in manual mode. This algorithm could be used to export the test case to e.g. CSV or XML.

Is there a way to export or print the grid as a pdf or excel or xml or whatever?

This way it would me easy to hand out the test cases prior to executing them.

I know that the test results can be exported and these exports are really awesome, but I can’t find a way to document my test cases.

If there is no such exporting functionality available, then I would VOTE for it as a FEATURE REQUEST!!!

Yes, I think a common type would be sufficient. From my point of view XML gives the greatest flexibility.

But to target more unexperienced users CSV or Excel is likely the better choice.

Just my 2 cents.

Addtionally it would be really, really great, if you could extent the recording to capture screenshots of each step. If we had screenshots and could export them e.g. within an xml export, one could do a similar thing like Telerik Test Studio’s storyboards.

We will consider this feature request. However, there are many file types available for exporting such as Excel, CSV or XML, so we will also consider about selecting the common type and not requiring many efforts for this.