Execution on Remote Server


I want to execute my script on remote server. Can you tell me steps for this or any document to refer.


I think the Documentation you’re looking for is here:

I have tried that but its not working.
Giving me error as java.net.MalformedURLException

Now I am able to connect to VM machine. But script not able to open new chrome browser. Is there any extra setting to be done?

Anyone has solution for the issue?

I tried it via local network. One PC is the host PC - where the project is located and the tool. This will enable you to work with the team in one network.

Share the folder location to everyone in the host PC where Katalon tool and project is located.

In remote PCs, connect to the shared network drive:
"To connect:

  1. Click Windows + R
  2. Type in \ and ENTER"

Open the tool via remote drive.

"You may need to map the network drive first:

  1. Go to My Computer or This PC
  2. Right Click and select Map Network Drive
  3. Browse (ie \MLORILLA-PC\ToolsQA)"